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Best Places To Visit in Gujarat

Being the fifth largest state in terms of area, with the 1600km coastline, hub of business and culture, Gujarat is one of the attractive and popular tourist destinations in India for the people around the globe.

The picturesque beaches, ancient civilization, historical monuments, natural beauty, holy atmosphere and the guest friendly people of Gujarat are hard to ignore.

Even Gujarat is only placed where you can find the Asiatic lions in the lap of Mother Nature. You can enjoy the food, culture, folk dance and festival.

Best Places To Visit in Gujarat

Best Places To Visit in Gujarat

Best time to visit Gujarat is during the winter season as the atmosphere is pleasant compared to summer. The roads connect the major cities very well via airports and railways so don’t bother about the roads and safety.

But the question is which are the place that one has to pick while they visit Gujarat? The answer is here.


Gir is the only natural home of the Asiatic Lions, and at this place, you can come face to face with them. Not only Asiatic Lions, but at this place, one can find a home of other rare wild animals like fish owls, hyenas, black bucks and many more. Gir national park is spread across nearly 1412 sq km and has a community living inside its boundaries. People and animals who live there are in complete harmony with each other. That weird feeling of anticipation when you ride in a top open jeep and look the lions roaming freely. Gir is must visit place when you visit Gujarat.

Somnath Temple

The next place in our list is a famous temple of Gujarat; Somnath temple. It has one of the holiest Jyotirlingas out of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. The temple is lying at the shore of the Arabian Sea. The temple is built, destroy and rebuilt countless time. It is rebuilt with gold by Lord Soma, with silver by Ravana in silver, with wood by Krishna and with stones by King Bhimdev. Till now the stone structure that stands tall and each day many devotees visit the place and seek for the Lord’s blessings.

White Rann of Kutch

White Rann of Kutch and its Rann Utsav is I think the great attraction for tourists. It is the most beautiful thing that one can’t lay of their eyes on it. Located between the Thar Desert and the Arabian Sea, the uniqueness of the Rann of Kutch is its sand and salt. During the full moon night, the sand shines like a diamond and make the whole atmosphere and mind calm. During full moon nights and Rann Utsav, the cultural programmes held, tents pitched for guest, and it seems like a festival running the whole night. It is a mesmerizing place that one must have to visit Gujarat.

During winter, flamingos also make this place as their home and convert the place in pink shades. During Rann Mahotsav, the white Rann of Kutch come alive with full of people, music, dances, cultural shows, camel safari, food, and artisans flaunting their ware. The winter time is best to visit this place, not summer or monsoon.


Ahmedabad is the largest city of Gujarat, and one of the places that you have to visit. The deep cultural roots and rich heritage makes it different from other places. Famous attractions include the Sabarmati Ashram, Akshardham Temple Complex, River Front, Kankaria Lake, Jhulta Minara and sidi saiyyed mosque. During the two-day kite festival, you can see the sky painted with colorful kites. Even the Gujarati food like Gujarati meal, Khakhra, Thepla, Dhokla, and Fafda that you can try.

If you want to eat the food, then do not forget to visit Surat and Rajkot cities as they are food heaven of Gujarat.


Saputara is only “hill-station” of Gujarat. When you visit Saputara, you can feel the fresh air. One can be relaxed in beautiful and dense forest hill as many resorts surround this hill station. Monsoon is the best time to visit Saputara as many veils of mist rises out of the lack and greenery cover the whole area. An artisan village, boat club, cable car, a tribal museum, and few others are an attraction for the tourist. If you want to relax for a little while and make your trip relaxing, then you have to visit this place for sure.

Laxmi Vilas Palace, Vadodara

Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III built Laxmi Vilas Palace which is the largest private residence unit in the world. It gives the idea of the size. It covers about 700 acres and building like Motibaug palace, houses, and the Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum. The collection of terracotta, marble, and bronze across the place is marvelous. It is the residence of the Gaekwad family of Vadodara, but for limited hours, it is open for the public visit.


Dwarka is one of the places to visit during the “Char Dham” Hindu pilgrimages. It is the first capital of Gujarat state and the ancient kingdom of Lord Krishna. Dwarka is a holy pilgrimage for the Hindus of all over the world which located on the delta of River Gomti on the Arabian Sea.

The temple on the beach gives a serene view, and you can see the sea turtles, octopuses, sea urchins, and starfish. If you want to visit Dwarka, then try to set a visit during the Krishna Janmashtami festival.

Rani ki Vav, Patan

Rani ki Vav is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A queen Udayamati built it in memory of her king Bhima I in the 11th century. It is an ancient step-well where the stairs can take you to the seven-level down. With more than 500 sculptures, it is home for the ancient culture. It was discovered in the year 1980, and after that, it becomes a popular tourist spot.


Get our taxi service to visit some of the best places to visit in Gujarat. Hopefully, you like the list and visit these places as per your time and convenience.

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